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This picture depicts a yagna or sacrifice. This is not the kind of sacrifice where one kills an animal. In this ceremony what is sacrificed are one's bad qualities, one's anger, greed, envy, jealousy, and lust. These Vedic Priests are pouring ghee, a form of butter, and other liquids into the fire.

If we had RealAudio, you could hear the chanting of the Vedic Priests, which will go on all day long during certain holidays.

If one looks at the fire in this photograph, Sai Baba's form can easily be seen, with his right hand raised as if blessing others.

If you have trouble seeing Sai Baba's form, click on the photo to go to the next size up in enlargement. That picture has been edited in PhotoShop so that Sai Baba's left arm, hair, and right hand are outlined in black.